Our Services

Minimum Cost / Maximum Value Production

Digital production has changed beyond recognition from when I first became involved in video some 30 years ago. Mobile technology means it is now possible to achieve broadcast quality results filming solo with an iPhone at a fraction of the cost of more traditional full crew productions.

Beyond cost, mobile filming also offers the significant benefits of being highly portable and unobtrusive. Both are key when capturing the reality of the travel experience. It means I can cover a lot of ground and, without fuss, capture genuine, spontaneous feedback from other participants. I love interviewing the people I meet on location - it's way less intimidating speaking to camera when it's being filmed on an iPhone. The results are unstaged, natural and most important of all, honest.


This style of production is designed for online digital marketing and social media engagement. As well as exposure to travelguru.tv's own established audience on social channels and YouTube, clients benefit from guaranteed distribution through travelguru.tv's growing list of trade and consumer media partners. Below are just some of the companies I work with.

In addition to travelguru.tv branded content, I offer all clients the opportunity to brief in their own corporate branded edits. This could be a simple re branding exercise or a portfolio of edits created solely for promotional use.


The compact/portable nature of mobile filming means that a lot of ground can be covered on a shoot. This presents an opportunity to generate fresh B Roll stock footage. Beyond the initial brief and project, we hold footage for all our clients that can be accessed and re-edited further down the line to respond to new digital marketing initiatives. These are just some the ways our footage can and has been used.

  • Social Media Engagement

  • Website Illustration

  • Blog Illustration

  • Direct Marketing

  • In-flight promotions

  • Exhibitions and Conferences

  • TV advertising

  • National Newspaper microsites

  • Online promotions and competitions

  • Digital Posters

The Virtual World

During the Covid Pandemic, virtual travel events became the daily reality. As we move forward, these flexible global events are likely to remain a permanent feature of the business landscape especially for consumer promotion and trade training. Video content plays a crucial role for virtual events, whether filming live or creating light relief in otherwise dull talking head presentations. Yet another reason to ensure you hold a library of up to date, quality footage.