Travel video content create first hand experience travel content focused on the 50+ traveller.

Presented by travel writer and producer Cathy Bartrop, the goal is to share the benefit of first-hand location experience. Talking to travel hosts and fellow travellers, Cathy brings both the destination and experiences to life, sharing practical information to help viewers make informed travel choices.

Filmed using compact, unobtrusive mobile technology, videos are unstaged, unscripted and… honest. Its all about real people, real experiences and trusted travel advice.

Our services

Our passion is creating video content that truly brings a destination to life for the viewer.

Production – Coming from a background of full crew production, Cathy is now taking full advantage of the latest mobile technology and harnessing that experience to provide high quality but cost-effective solutions for travel clients looking to build their video marketing content. Cathy will take you through the entire process to ensure the project is delivered at minimum cost, with minimum hassle and creating maximum impact.

Distribution – It doesn’t matter how good a video is, if it doesn’t reach its target audience, it’s worse than useless. Take advantage of’s established distribution network with consumer and trade media outlets as well as having complete flexibility to share content via your own partnerships and social media channels.

Reversioning – We are not a ‘one edit fits all’ kind of company. By offering complete flexibility on copyright and reversioning, we work with our partners to ensure maximum distribution of content in many different forms.

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