Whether we are working on a full crew production with a team of professional producers, crew and editors or solo projects filming with minimal kit, we pride ourselves on achieving the highest possible production values at the best possible price. Other production companies could say the same, so what makes us different?

Trusted Travel Experts

We only do travel. It's what we know and love. Our experience and detailed understanding of the travel industry is absolutely vital when it comes to interpreting a brief and, on location, making the critical judgements necessary to take maximum advantage of an often limited timeframe.

Act Natural

We’ve thrown away the idea of using scripts – who trusts a video where its obvious the presenter has been told what to say? For us on location its all about spontaneous, genuine comments and reaction both from our gurus and the people we encounter along the way. We produce content that our audience trust.

Flexible, can do attitude

We take great pride in our work but we are not precious about it. Flexibility to use the footage in many different ways is key. Our goal is to get our footage seen by as many people as possible and we work with our clients to achieve that, collaborating with other partners where necessary.


It doesn’t matter how good a video is, if it does not reach its target audience, it is worse than useless. That’s why we believe that production and distribution are inseparable.

Travelguru.tv are constantly developing new partnerships with travel industry and media players. Many travel agents use our videos and below are just some of our media friends who use and love our content:


We are not a ‘one edit fits all’ kind of company. By offering complete flexibility on copyright and reversioning, we work with our partners to ensure maximum distribution of content in many different forms.

These are just a few of the ways our footage has been used to date:

  • Social Media Engagement
  • Website illustration
  • Blog illustration
  • Direct Marketing
  • In flight promotions
  • Exhibitions and Conferences
  • Cinema advertising
  • TV advertising
  • National newspaper microsites
  • Online promotions and competitions
  • Digital Posters
  • Augmented Reality Apps