How to share travelguru footage

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We want as many people as possible to see our footage and to achieve that, we work with partners in many different ways. In the course of a location shoot, inevitably we film more than may be required and, although the travelguru programmes will generally be the ‘best of’ there is always scope to create other content.

The main options are:

Travelguru branded edits – to make sense of the guru’s involvement, our edits are branded throughout, and we don’t share our own edits without the branding. We can either share the programmes as they are (you can embed them direct from our YouTube or Vimeo channels) or we can overbrand them for a nominal cost. Click here to see an example of an over brand.

Tourist Board short edits – in recent years most of our projects have included producing a series of unbranded edits for the tourist board’s own use. These tend to be shorter edits focusing on a particular theme or location. These are all freely available for trade and media partners to use and can generally be found by searching for the relevant Tourist Board’s YouTube channel. Examples include Thailand and Tenerife. Alternatively, email us.

Destination B Roll footage – providing your intended project promotes the destination or product in question, trade and media partners can have free access to all stock footage. This includes all scenics, attractions, hotels and, in some cases, interview footage but does not include any footage or commentary from the guru.

New opportunities for using footage online are emerging all the time – digital posters, augmented reality apps, video mail to name just a few. If you have a need for destination footage, please contact us, we’d love to try and help.

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