A new chapter for travelguru.tv

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Welcome to travelguru.tv. If this is your first visit, I hope you will enjoy exploring our brand new website. If you already know about us, you will see it looks quite different!

High quality travel video production is still very much at the heart of the business. We’ve redesigned the website to reflect this and make it easier to view (and share) all our lovely content. We are still running our holiday booking service and our brilliant booking guru, Steve, will be only too happy to respond to your enquiries. This blog will now be the source for the latest travel offers, plus travel tips and general travel related chat.

Since we launched travelguru.tv back in January 2009, the video landscape has changed quite dramatically. Back then it was a novelty to find high quality video online, now its the norm. I like to think we were ahead of the trend but, the truth is, the travel industry has been slow to invest in online video and our portfolio did not grow as quickly as I would have liked. Slowly but surely though, tourist boards and tour operators are latching on to what we have known all along – high quality, trustworthy video helps sell holidays. The future now looks very bright indeed and we are looking forward to adding lots of exciting new content in the coming months and years. I hope you will visit often and enjoy browsing our ever expanding video collection…


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