Our passion is creating video content that truly brings a destination to life for the viewer.

We believe the best way to do that is by ‘word of mouth’; sharing the first hand experiences of people who have actually been there, done it and have accumulated an awful lot of T-Shirts along the way. We call them our ‘gurus’ – travel writers and commentators – well travelled types who can not only share the benefit of their knowledge but who understand that it’s the destination, not them, that is the star of the show.

Digital production has come a long way since we started in the business over 25 years ago. Costs have fallen dramatically and footage quality just keeps getting better and better. travelguru.tv offers a completely flexible approach from solo shooting using just an iPhone through to full professional crew production. As well as creating unique content, we work closely with all our partners to maximise distribution. Our content appears on this site and on numerous social media platforms. It is also shared with trade and media distributors either in original or reversioned formats.