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A detailed look at the five Volcanic zones of Tenerife. Travelguru Jane Dunford, accompanied by local guide, Jose Ramon Gonzalez learns about how the island was formed and how the volcanic origins influence all aspects of life on the island

The five Volcanic zones are:

Ancient Volcanoes – the north west of Tenerife and home to Teno Rural Park, effectively an island within an island. Activities include cultural and eco tours, hiking and mountain biking

Two Valleys – the dry barren landscape of the Guimar Valley contrasted with the lush and fertile La Oratava Valley. Activities include paragliding and mountain biking

Legendary Volcano – the region from Mount Teide in the very centre of the island heading east to the capital Santa Cruz and the north eastern Anaga Rural Park. Activities include hiking, climbing and surfing

Land of Contrast – a diverse and geologically fascinating region from the north west coast to the centre of the island. Activities include the Cave of the Wind Lava Tunnel, wine tasting, hiking and star gazing

Land of Light – the paler landscapes of the south, dominated by pumice stone. Activities include waterspouts, diving and whale watching

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