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Join travelguru Cathy Bartrop as she tours the Highlands and Islands of Papua New Guinea. Starting in the Tari Valley and based at Ambua Lodge, we encounter the world famous Huli Wigmen. The action then moves to Mount Hagen in the Western Highlands, home to many more different tribes from the Polga Mudmen to the Melpa People. Rondon Ridge Resort provides the perfect base to explore the area's rich cultural and natural attractions. Finally, Cathy boards the MS Caledonian Sky to cruise to some of PNG's smaller, more remote islands.

Papua New Guinea is the eastern half of the second largest island on earth. It is a unique country, steeped in mystery and one of the last frontiers for the curious tourist. The mainland is covered with dense rainforest with mountains rising to thousands of metres and it is fringed by spectacular coral reefs and surrounded by thousands of atolls and smaller islands. As well as it natural attractions – this is a diving, trekking, bird watching paradise – the cultural interest is never ending. Papua New Guinea is home to over 1000 tribal groups, speaking over 800 different languages (that’s a quarter of the world’s spoken languages in one country). Few destinations can boast such remote locality, untouched beauty and fascinating cultures. For more information click to visit Papua New Guinea tourism website

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