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One of the prettiest islands in the Caribbean, Grenada is the ideal choice for a tropical beach holiday. Small and stylish, there's plenty on offer from gorgeous beaches through to rainforest walks and wreck diving.

Grenada offers some unique and very special qualities. Firstly it is breathtakingly pretty and full of colour , which immediately puts you in the holiday mood. It is also very accessible – the whole island is roughly the same size as the Isle of Wight so nowhere is very far away and that makes it very easy to tick the tourist boxes.

Box number one will almost certainly be the beaches, which are gorgeous. The most famous is Grand Anse which is a mile and a half stretch of soft white sand but there are lots more besides. You should also allow some time to explore the interior too – drive just 20 minutes inland and you’ll be in the depths of lush green countryside, mountains and rainforest.

In terms of accommodation and dining, Grenada provides a great balance. Most of the hotels are independently owned and tend to be under 100 rooms. So there is an emphasis on smaller, boutique properties that each have their own personality and a real sense of style. There are some all inclusive properties too but take the bed and breakfast option and dine out at some of the excellent local restaurants. BB Crabbacks in St Georges makes a fun night out or, for a special occasion, treat yourselves to dinner on the Vastra Banken at Le Phare Bleu Resort.

For general information about holidays in Grenada visit Grenada Tourism

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