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Cruise the Nile in style on board a beautifully refurbished Dahabiyya. The favoured transport of 19th century aristocrats and carrying a maximum of just 12 passengers, they provide a relaxed and intimate small group alternative to ‘regular’ Nile cruises.

For anyone looking for an alternative way to cruise the Nile, not just to ‘tick the box’ of seeing all the magnificent sites and temples but perhaps to get a more intimate understanding of Egyptian culture and way of life, a Dahabiyya cruise is the perfect choice.

The ability to moor up on riverbanks and islands far from the rank and file of the larger ships is a huge advantage and makes for an inspiring and stress free voyage.

This style of cruise attracts ‘like minded’ travellers which creates a very pleasant social atmosphere on board. Their size also makes them ideal for small group charter.

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