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Take a guided tour of Barbados with Caribbean travelguru Catherine Leech. Catherine makes it her mission to go beyond the beach and to discover a few secrets that even regular visitors to the island may have missed.

With its sophisticated tourism infrastructure, Barbados is popular not only with repeat visitors but also first timers to the Caribbean. After many years of catering to well-heeled tourists, Bajans certainly know how to tick the tourist boxes.

Often described as ‘two islands in one’, there is a distinct contrast between the South and West coasts. The South coast is generally livelier, ideal for families, the more budget conscious and those looking for nightlife beyond the hotels. The West coast, sometimes referred to as the Platinum coast is the playground of the rich and famous. Top end hotels stretch along the coastline, each jealously guarding their privacy and exclusive ambience.

Venture beyond your hotel and you’ll find a wealth of things to see and do and plenty of opportunities to mingle with Bajans who will be only too delighted to show you their gorgeous island.

For general information on holidays in Barbados click here Visit Barbados

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