Ajman Video Marketing Campaign 2019

Campaign objective: to introduce Ajman to the UK market as an aspirational wintersun holiday alternative 

This was a twin pronged video strategy, targeting both consumer and trade media with content produced by

A 7 day location shoot in January 2019 (the first ever with a British production team) ticked two primary distribution boxes:


1. commissioned content – filmed and presented by Cathy Bartrop   

This consists of the above 5 minute overview guide plus a series of short edits as highlighted in the thumbnails below. distribution also included YouTube and social channels

The same content was also shared with the, the leading travel advice site for the 50+ traveller in partnership with Tropical Sky 

2. Media partnership with The Telegraph

A joint Telegraph/ video commission using Ajman as a pilot for a video series called ‘Have you heard of…?’

The video produced by the Telegraph in house team and presented by Cathy with a supporting feature also written by Cathy appeared as Premium online content 

The video is also featured on the Telegraph YouTube channel


The series of short edits were designed specifically to introduce the trade to Ajman’s key selling features. These have now been used for a variety of trade campaigns:

1.Travel Trade Gazette – awareness building campaign using the videos via social, YouTube and web

2. Travel Weekly – fam trip promo

3.Travel Gossip in partnership with Ginger Juice – phase 1

‘8 reasons to visit video’ distributed via Travel Gossip Facebook and social profiles to build awareness.

Reach 11,792 Impressions 65,000

4.Travel Gossip – phase 2 – fam trip promo on Facebook and Instagram, win one of 6 places

Entry based on watching the 30 second intro video and answering 3 questions, all those entering were then served the full overview video.

Reach 16,000 agents

An ongoing booking incentive/training scheme using the videos to train agents

6.Tour operator partners

Tour operators selling Ajman can access the free video content for their own websites and social channels with the option to overbrand. For example:



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We work with tour operators, tourist boards, cruise lines, airlines and hotels to create great content. Ultimately we all want the same thing…for as many people as possible to watch the videos, engage with them and best of all, be inspired to follow in our footsteps. content is free to use in its original form and can be shared, embedded in websites or used in other marketing activity directly from our YouTube channel.

If you’d like to use our videos but need to re-version the content in some way, we’d be happy to talk about that too. Charges may apply to license the content depending on the intended use and complexity of the brief.

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